Character training, awakening and summoning under Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Character training, awakening and summoning under Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z

After you have chosen your character, it is important for you to know how to optimally use them. There is no point of having a very strong character who is in a strong class that you don’t know how to use in the game. Before we talk about training, awakening, and summoning, first we can just refresh ourselves on the class types. There are mainly five of them and you need to ensure your character is in the PHY which happens to be the strongest, you can easily become one by using DBZ Dokkan Battle Hack. The other four include INT, TEQ, AGL and STR.

When we talk about training, you can look into the red capsules that really help when you want your character to get some training. These trainings are important because they level up your character and make them stronger. After a battle, you can use this capsule to level any character that you were using so that they back to their level. You need to remember that during battles, your character gets depleted. There is another aspect you can employ. Let’s say you have several unused characters. You can actually use this to feed your main characters. Another trick is feeding the same colored characters to each other. For example, if your unused character is of a blue sphere and you feed this character to your main character, also of a blue sphere, you get a bonus experience. You are also able to switch the training sports assigned to your characters.


There is a maximum level at which your character reaches and no matter what you do, they will not get any stronger. For the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle hack, this levels are 20,40,60. By using the purple capsule, you will be able to awaken them and then proceed to collect the medals in turn giving you bonuses.

There are basically two summoning that you should be aware of. This is the friend summoning which is used when you want to give your normal character a chance to get a rare character or even a character of a higher level. The dragon stone summoning will give you a rare character.

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